Five-Step Plan to a Successful Event at The Hutchinson Center

We invite you to explore the University of Maine Hutchinson Center as a flexible, professional and affordable option for your next important event. From large conferences, corporate retreats and gala evenings, to board meetings, job fairs, and professional workshops, the Hutchinson Center has spaces to accommodate you at very competitive rates.

Planning a successful get together can be a daunting task, but preparing ahead will help the process go smoothly without details falling through the cracks. By answering the following five questions, you will be well on your way to planning a flawless event!

1. Who? How many people do you expect for your event? Remember to count your team and any presenters, along with the attendees. This number will help determine what size your room needs to be and what type of table/chair set up will work best.

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2. What? Presenters may need audio-visual equipment such as microphones, computers, projectors and screens and/or whiteboards and flip-charts. Find out what presenters need at least two weeks before your event to be sure technology and equipment is available.

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Take into consideration what your attendees personal needs are too. To help attendees get the most out of your event, allow for short breaks and refreshments. For day-long meetings, provide lunch or dinner according to attendees’ dietary needs. Provide comfortable seating and adequate tables. Does the presenter need space for activities, or is this a lecture or seminar?

Refreshments keep you engaged!

3. Where? How convenient is the venue for your event? Is it easy to find and do you have adequate parking? Is the building accessible to all of your guests?

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4. When? When planning your event, whether a professional development program, business marketing training, or a family celebration, consider the time of year, day of the week and time of the day. Life can be busy, so choosing dates that work around regular schedules will be appreciated! When booking your block of time consider whether you will need extra time for set-up or tear-down.

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5. How? How will you bring this all together for a successful event? Does your venue have a supportive team? The Conference Services team at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center will provide experienced support so you can focus on your event! We’ve worked with many groups planning events for numbers of 2 people to 250. Let us take care of the details!

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