Frequently Asked Questions
UMM Programs at the Hutchinson Center

How do I apply?
First thing’s first: contact the Hutchinson Center to let us know of your interest in a program. You can reach us using the online chat on our website, filling out an information request form, sending an email or calling us at 207-338-8000.  We’ll put you in touch with an advisor who will help you determine the right program and get you started.

If you are uncertain about next steps, we highly recommend connecting with an advisor prior to applying. If you already know which program you want to apply to, you’re welcome to apply, through the University of Maine Machias admissions page.

I’m interested but I’m not sure where to start.
You’re not alone! Contact a coordinator at the Hutchinson Center to begin exploring your options. You can reach us using the online chat on our website, filling out an information request form, sending an email or calling us at 207-338-8000. 

Are these online programs?
Most UMM programs offered at the Hutchinson Center can be completed entirely online. A few of the programs offered do require live lab or experiential hours, most of which will be offered at the Hutchinson Center. For questions about the modality of specific programs, please contact us.

Who is eligible for these programs?
Anyone with a high school diploma/General Educational Development (GED) or High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) is welcome to apply.       

Is this a UMM degree or a UMaine degree?
Students enrolling through the Hutchinson Center in an associate degree or certificate program will earn their degree/certificate from the University of Maine at Machias. 

The role of our advisors is to help you decide the best path for your academic goals. To that end, we’re also happy to help you enroll in degree programs and certificates through the University of Maine. Your advisor will make sure you end up in the right place.

How does it benefit me to access these programs through the Hutchinson Center?
Good question. Some people enjoy the privacy and distance of online courses. Others enjoy online courses but tend to be more successful when they also feel like they’re a part of an in-person learning community. Our hope in offering access to these programs is that we can create the best of both worlds for students–online learning with Machias faculty paired with face-to-face interactions and community with your fellow students.

The Hutchinson Center will be a hub for students taking online classes. Lost your internet connection at home or just need a change of scenery? Our WiFi is steady and fast. Need to print something? We’ve got you covered. Have a tech question? We’ve got a dedicated IT professional on hand. Want to share a cup of coffee with a fellow student and connect on classes, pets, the weather, or your passions? We’ve got comfy chairs inside and on our patio, as well as access to the beautiful Little River Trail right in our accessible parking lot. The Hutchinson Center is here to help you have the best learning experience possible. We want you to succeed and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Do I need to be enrolled as a UMM student to take a class? 
No. Many people like to sign up for one course before committing to a program. An advisor can help you decide what makes sense for you.

Are tutoring services available?
Yes. Our staff will help connect you to tutoring services.

How much does it cost?
Please visit UMM’s admission page for more information about tuition and fees.

How long does it take to complete a program?
It varies. Some people opt to enroll part-time, some full-time. Our programs are flexible and designed to fit your schedule. A program advisor can help you create a schedule that makes sense for you.