What is a Non-Degree Student?

student and advisorA non-degree student is a student not currently enrolled in a degree program. Non-degree status is typically used for students that have applied for admission to UMaine and are waiting to be admitted, wish to enroll in a course for personal or professional growth, have already earned a degree but would like to continue their education with coursework are considering applying into a degree program in the future and would like to try a few courses beforehand.

Undergraduate course options are available on the University of Maine Undergraduate Catalog website: catalog.umaine.edu

Transition to Degree Program

Undergraduate non-degree students interested in changing to degree status must submit an application at: go.umaine.edu/apply. Undergraduate non-degree students are strongly encouraged to transition into a degree program

Get Advice

Not sure what program of study is right for you? In order to best serve non-degree students, an advising appointment is recommended to discuss goals and answer questions. For specific questions or to make an appointment with an academic advisor, contact Tiffany Peterson at tiffany.peterson@maine.edu; 207.581.3151.

Financial Assistance

Non-degree seeking students are prohibited by federal regulations from receiving federal financial assistance. However, scholarships are available to qualifying students to cover part or all of the cost of tuition. Financial counseling is also available through the Maine Educational Opportunity Center (MEOC), which is a federal education initiative established to promote access to post-secondary education for traditionally underrepresented adult populations within the State of Maine: meoc.maine.edu.