Earn an associate degree or certificate from the University of Maine at Machias at the UMaine Hutchinson Center in Belfast!

Anchor your online learning experience

Through a new partnership, students from midcoast Maine can now earn associate degrees or certificates from the University of Maine at Machias—UMaine’s coastal campus—right here in Belfast.

While you can choose to enroll in these fully online programs from the comfort of your home, a unique aspect of the partnership is that students participating in the University of Maine at Machias programs at the Hutchinson Center will have the benefit of a supportive, in-person community here in the midcoast. It’s the best of both worlds—online learning with Machias faculty paired with face-to-face interactions and community with your fellow students.


image of the Hutchinson Center on a sunny summer dayBenefits

Anchor your online learning through in-person community at the UMaine Hutchinson Center in Belfast.

  • A home base to ensure your success
  • A supportive community of fellow students in the area
  • Lab and classroom space for live class components in Belfast
  • Technical support and access for students attending online or Zoom courses
  • Scholarships may be available

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