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Sometimes, a cat walking across your screen or a toddler smearing peanut butter on your face during a Zoom call is funny. Surely, the past year has taught us to see each other more holistically than ever before and to give each other plenty of grace. But sometimes, you really wish you had a dedicated space with high-speed internet where you knew that no one was going to barge in on you. We can help!

Our video recording room, right here in midcoast Maine, is available for use by the general public during our regular business hours.

Maybe you’re a burgeoning Youtube or TikTok star and you need fast internet. Maybe you’re a teacher needing to record your lectures. Maybe you have a job interview and your computer won’t let you update your digital background on Zoom. Using a video recording room can make a huge difference.


  • High-quality image in a well-lit room: people will be able to see you.
  • Professional audio quality: people will be able to hear you.
  • Reliable, high-speed internet: your internet connection will not get disrupted and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth issues.
  • Multiple monitors allow enhanced presentation view: you can look at your PowerPoint presentation and still see the people participating on your call, for example, facilitating smoother interactions.
  • No interruptions. No delightful children barging in, no dogs barking at delivery trucks, no upstairs neighbors blaring EDM (We have nothing against Electronic Dance Music, it’s just not the best inescapable background sound for Zoom presentations.)



  • On-site technical support (Got a virtual kitten filter stuck over your face during a Zoom call? We can help!)
  • Modern Windows 10 computer
  • Dual 21.5 inch monitors
  • 4k capable pan, tilt, and optical zoom camera (PTZ)
  • High quality desktop microphone and headset options
  • 80” x 60” chroma green screen background
  • 36” x 24” movable whiteboards
  • 200+ Mbps download AND upload speed


For any and all questions related to the video recording room, please contact


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