Advancing Nonviolent Communication

Instructor Peggy Smith
A four-part program: September 18, October 23, November 20, December 11, 2020
8:30am – 4:00pm

Participants will deepen their understanding and application of Nonviolent Communication (as developed by Marshall Rosenberg) in everyday life.

Each day will include a small amount of theory and mostly practice, practice, practice, guided and supported by the instructor.  It will be an interactive experience.

Day One:  Empathy for Transforming Conflict

We will investigate the power of Resonant Language to support regulation, both our own and other people’s. Specific exercises will use NVC to reframe conflict from an experience of disconnection to a vehicle to better understand and have compassion for all involved.

Day Two: Requests ~ the Art of Mutuality and Community

Transforming our hesitations and fears about asking for what we want, we will investigate strategies that empower everyone as a vital step in building strong resilient families and communities.  We will delve deeply into the components of both Connecting and Action Requests … and practice, practice, practice.  We will discover the power of both giving and receiving a “No”, and how that can lead to ever stronger connections.

Day Three:  Healing the Past and Preparing for the Nonviolent Future

Using a process developed by neuroscience educator and author, Sarah Peyton (Your Resonant Self, Norton Publishing) we will utilize Time Travel Empathy to bring healing to our past and reduce anxiety about our futures.  NVC is the core for providing the needed empathy.

We will also practice connecting even when we don’t agree to enhance our abilities to communicate across divides of all kinds.

Day Four: Dialogue When Everyone Matters

Bringing all the skills experienced in this program together to practice in a safe space difficult conversations.  Whether we want to “re-do” or “pre-do” conversations there will be ample opportunities to try NVC with situations that really matter to participants.

            Pre-requisite:  Participants are welcome if they have completed a minimum of 2 days of NVC with either of Maine’s two certified NVC trainers, Peggy Smith and Leah Boyd.  This is not a class for people just starting their NVC journey.  It is designed for people who have completed any of the following NVC level 1 offerings:

  • Past Trauma, Current Relationships
  • Connecting Across Differences
  • Speaking Peace in a World of Conflict
  • Bringing Mindful Speech to Life
  • NVC Level 1 by any other name
  • Interested people who have completed 2 days of NVC training with other certified trainers can contact the instructor to determine if they meet the pre-requisite.
  • This class will also be of benefit to people who took more advanced NVC classes in the past and want to reconnect with NVC community.

To register online, click here. For more information or to request an accommodation or scholarship application, contact Michelle Patten, 338. 8002; 

Cost for this four day program is $385 which includes continental breakfast and lunch.