Career Transformation Program

New! If your employer is a compact member of the Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce, you may be eligible to take this program at no cost to yourself (or your employer!). Click here to learn more.

photo of man with beard and glasses in an office setting, looking happyThe “Great Resignation” is upon us. There has rarely been an opportunity to reach for your dream job than now. Much of the power is with the prospective employee in today’s career environment. However, it is still a competitive market where your brand needs to stand out among the masses to improve your chances.

Career transformation can only be successful with a strong network and preparation. Whether you’re looking for a job now or in the future, the Career Transformation program will increase your career success in these unprecedented times. Learn to differentiate yourself from the masses with specific, tangible, applicable strategies.

The global economic conditions have created a steep competitive landscape for employers, employees, unemployed, underemployed and future employees alike. Employers are making tough decisions every day. Whether you’ve been directly impacted or feel unsettled, there are actions you can take to shine in the eyes of key decision-makers. In order to stand out, you need to build a firm professional support system and learn to effectively tell your professional story with a strong resume and influential interviewing skills.

The goal of this professional development program is to give you the confidence to maneuver through these times and make it easier for you not only to survive, but thrive!

The Career Transformation Program is a journey worth taking. Success and satisfaction levels can be achieved. Transform yourself into who you really want to be professionally and develop greater professional happiness along the way.



There are no current sessions scheduled at this time. 

Please sign up for the interest list and we’ll let you know when future program dates are announced. We also recommend inquiring about custom programs.



At present, this program is scheduled to be offered in-person. This is subject to change⁠—we will be in touch with participants if the modality shifts.

PROGRAM BENEFITS                                             

Through participating in this professional development program, you’ll learn to:                       

  • Advance your career
  • Increase your job satisfaction
  • Quickly and effectively adapt in the professional world
  • Empower yourself to make the professional changes you want
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition



Building Your Professional Network: Letting Your Connections Work for You

  • Establish a clear and simple networking strategy
  • Understand how to turn a self-centered conversation like networking into a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Learn how to take influential actions to get started now

Resume Building Workshop: Make Your Story Come Alive

  • Learn resume concepts that make an immediate impression
  • Discuss the importance of a “forward-looking” resume
  • De-mystify and answer common questions
  • Making a COVID-friendly resume

Improve Your Interviewing Skills: It’s Not Bragging If It’s a Fact

  • Transition your skills from your resume into confident interview answers
  • Build confidence to be able to answer any question thrown your way
  • Gain insight to what interviewers want and pitfalls that may be holding you back



  • Prospective employees
  • Unemployed and underemployed people
  • People thinking about career changes
  • People who were recently laid off due to COVID-19
  • Recent graduates
  • College students just starting their careers



Headshot of Tom Dowd public speaking instructorTom Dowd (DTM) (he/him/his) Presenter Tom Dowd (also known as “Transformation Tom”) received a communication degree from the University of Delaware. He is a prize-winning speaker, and an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, trainer and coach. As a member of Toastmasters International, National Speakers Association, Maine Career Development Association, and Maine Adult Education Association, Dowd has exhibited consistent professional success with a growth mindset. Dowd utilized his 30+ years of experience in the financial and customer service industry to start Thomas Dowd Professional Development and Coaching, LLC, where he helps people to creatively find their own paths to success. Learn more about Tom here.




New! If your employer is a compact member of the Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce, you may be eligible to take this program at no cost to yourself (or your employer!). Click here to learn more.

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3.5 hr / .3 CEUs

Certificate of completion

Learn more about Continuing Education Units here.

For more information or to request an accommodation contact Abby Spooner, Professional Development and Conference Administrative Coordinator,; 207.338.8002.

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"I look forward to continuing my own transformation and feel that I’m better prepared through the things that I’ve learned thus far and thank Tom for his impact." past participant