(Online) Going Green: Sustainability in Business


Seedlings growing next to a lighbulb planted in the ground with a chart rising above themPROGRAM DESCRIPTION

This online professional development program presents an overview of sustainability from a business perspective and a hands-on action planning workshop.

A great deal of attention is focused on the greening of business today, and for many good reasons. Yet there is so much confusion, confusing jargon, ill-defined terms, conflictual accounts we sometimes don’t know where to begin in trying to sort it all out, much less developing an action plan for our own situation.

The course is designed for business practitioners of all types: owners, managers, and stakeholders; in service and production businesses; of for-profit or nonprofit status. If you are concerned about sustainability in an organization this class offers something for you.

The course is divided into two parts. The first session will focus on business and sustainability landscapes, providing an overview of approaches, definitions, and measurement methods; the triple bottom line of financial, social, and environmental progress; changes happening in our carbon-based economy; and the inevitable conflicts that arise when attempting to go green.

The second session will be a hands-on workshop for visioning, strategizing, planning, and action pathways toward sustainability for your business or one you care about. We will review and potentially revise your model of business; your goals and strategies; your existing and potential networks; and specific tactics for improving your sustainability footprint.



Thu., Jan. 27 & Fri., Jan 28, 2022, 9 a.m.–1 p.m.

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This dynamic, interactive program will be offered synchronously via Zoom—you’ll need access to a stable internet connection. This is not a pre-recorded program. Active participation is an integral part of the course.

The Hutchinson Center has a limited number of computers (and plenty of Wi-Fi to go around). If you’d like to participate virtually via the Hutchinson Center, please request support via the form here.


The class is designed for a broad audience, from those with little or no business knowledge to people who work in, with, or even run their own business. Companies, businesses, and organizations of all kinds can incorporate greening strategies into their plans–you don’t have to be an eco-business to start. Any business/nonprofit can reduce its carbon footprint, increase its corporate social responsibility, and make a change.

The online format of this course makes it possible for participants from across the globe to participate. A stable internet connection and the ability to participate in these synchronous sessions as they are happening is required.

Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact us at um.fhc.pd@maine.edu or 207.338.8002 and we can help you figure it out.


Terry Porter Headshot Black and WhiteTerry Porter, Ph.D. (she/her/hers) is Associate Professor Emerita at the University of Maine, where she taught business strategy and sustainability in the Maine Business School for 13 years. Dr. Porter also holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a certified mental health counselor. She is a 2014 Fulbright Scholar. Terry has over thirty years of experience as a teacher, counselor, coach, guide and facilitator.        


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Live via Zoom (course runs synchronously)




CEUs available. Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who successfully complete this program.


For more information or to request an accommodation contact Michelle Patten, Conference and Professional Development Coordinator, um.fhc.pd@maine.edu; 207.338.8002.