Did you know that students from Knox or Waldo Counties who are enrolled in UMaine classes are eligible for Hutchinson Center scholarships? It’s true!

Apply for a Hutchinson Center Scholarship

Hutchinson Center scholarships are available to:

  • UMaine System students taking UMaine courses in-person/live at the Hutchinson Center
  • Midcoast students taking UMaine and/or UMaine at Machias courses online. 

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Please send your completed application to the Hutchinson Center, 80 Belmont Ave, Belfast, ME 04915 or hutchinsoncenter@maine.edu.

All materials must be included for the application to be considered.

Please direct any questions to hutchinsoncenter@maine.edu; 207.338.8000.

Did you know that you can make a donation to the Hutchinson Center through the UMaine Foundation? Learn more about donating here.

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Scholarship Funds and Criteria

The University of Maine Hutchinson Center, through the support of several generous donors, offers a number of scholarship opportunities to Hutchinson Center students. Scholarship awards will depend on the amount of money available and the number of qualified recipients. The scholarships are need-based, therefore accurate and complete financial and family information must be provided. We sincerely thank our benefactors who truly believe in education and in providing scholarships to those who might not otherwise be able to pursue a college education.

Office of Major Scholarships

The Office of Major Scholarships offers information, coaching and support to help graduate and undergraduate students compete for prestigious national merit-based scholarships. Explore this site to find the scholarship that fits your major, your research area and your interests. Find all the information you need, ask the Coordinator any questions. Stay tuned for deadlines, workshops and scholarship-related events!

UMS Adult Degree Completion Scholarship

The University of Maine System (UMS) offers an Adult Degree Completion Scholarship dedicated to adult students returning to college after an absence of at least three (3) years or more who are completing their first baccalaureate degree. Applicants may qualify for up to $4000 per academic year for up to eight (8) consecutive semesters.

OSHER Scholarship

First-time college students and those returning to college from a break of three or more years are eligible for Osher Scholarships at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center, covering tuition and books for a one-, three- or four-credit course.

Annual Fund

The purpose of this need-based scholarship fund is to assist Maine residents as they pursue their college education through the University of Maine Hutchinson Center.

Pete and Ann Bixler

Pete and Ann Bixler have lived on the Maine coast for 40 years. Holding Sc.D. and MA degrees respectively, they have experienced the benefits a strong educations brings. Their scholarship is aimed at helping make the University of Maine programs at the Hutchinson Center available to all through financial aid.

Shirley and Ronald Jarvella

Shirley and Ronald know the struggles families have balancing the many facets of their lives.  Ron and Shirley have chosen their scholarship to benefit students who are raising a family alone, yet know the value of a college education. Eligible recipients include single head of household (single parent with children).

Fred Hutchinson

Fred Hutchinson grew up in Atkinson, Maine and served as the President of the University of Maine from 1992-1997. He credits his education at the University of Maine with making a difference in his life and chose to offer this scholarship to pass the opportunity on to students who follow him. Eligible recipients are first-time undergraduate students.

Senior College at UMaine Hutchinson Center

The Senior College at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center offers two $1,000 scholarships each year to a Maine resident over the age of 35 who is taking classes at the Hutchinson Center and is in need of financial assistance. Senior College recognizes the value of continuing education for adults and the financial strain this can create.  One scholarship is designated in honor of Mary W. Frenning.

James C. Patterson Scholarship Fund

The James C. Patterson Scholarship Fund was established in 2015 for the benefit of the University of Maine Hutchinson Center with a bequest from the estate of Marilyn Duane. The income from this fund shall be used to award scholarships to non-matriculated students served by the Hutchinson Center.

Dr. Carol Gelo Barr Robbins University of Maine Hutchinson Center Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Carol Gelo Barr Robbins University of Maine Hutchinson Center Scholarship Fund was established for the benefit of the Hutchinson Center students in Belfast, Maine. Dr. Robbins is a lifelong educator, a high school teacher, guidance counselor, school administrator and Superintendent of Schools of MSAD 34 in Belfast, Maine. Through this gift, Dr. Robbins wishes to pay forward the life-changing full scholarship to the University of Maine she received from the Donald S. Walker scholarship, which allowed her to achieve her dreams.

The Marilyn and James T. Duane Community Outreach Fund

The Marilyn and James T. Duane Community Outreach Fund was established in 2015 for the benefit of personal enrichment, professional development, continuing education, and/or early college opportunities at reduced or no cost to the student. This fund was established through a bequest from the estate of Marilyn Duane, whose intent was to create access to lifelong learning opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Marilyn Duane Scholarship Fund

Marilyn Johnson Duane grew up in Bangor, Maine, the daughter of Dr. Henry and Dorothy Carlton Johnson. Marilyn and her late husband, James T. Duane strongly believed in supporting scholarships. The Marilyn Duane Scholarship Fund was established for the benefit of the University of Maine matriculated students who are served by the Hutchinson Center. Preference shall be given in the following order: 1. University of Maine students who are enrolled in a University of Maine course. 2. University of Maine System students who are enrolled in a University of Maine course.  3. University of Maine students enrolled in courses originating from any campus within the University of Maine System and offered through the Hutchinson Center.

Ira M. Cobe Fund

Ira M. Cobe Fund was established by the estate of Chicago financier and longtime Bayside summer resident, Ira M. Cobe to benefit the young people of Waldo County. The Maine Community Foundation administers the Cobe Fund and is partnering with the UMaine Hutchinson Center to offer a $1,000 scholarship to non-traditional students pursuing post-secondary education at the Hutchinson Center. Students are required to be a resident of Waldo County, an adult learner under the age of 23 years old, and a first-time student with preference given to those who are taking one class in order to explore the possibility of furthering their education. (Note: Family income is an eligibility criterion based on federal reduced lunch program guidelines).

RML Hutchinson Center Scholarship Fund

The RML Hutchinson Center fund was established at the University of Maine Foundation in 2016 for the benefit of University of Maine, Orono, Maine with a gift from Michael Lenderking. Mr. Lenderking and his wife, Jean, moved to Belfast in 2002. Mr. Lenderking completed his B.S. in 1965 in Naval Architecture from Virginia Tech. He enjoyed a 38-year career at the David Taylor Model Basin in Carderock, MD designing the pressure hulls for new classes of submarines. The principal shall be endowed and the distributions, as established by the University of Maine Board of Directors, shall be used to provide financial assistance to adult learners, age 24 or older, served by the Hutchinson Center. First preference shall be given to residents of Waldo County who have completed some college courses, but who have not yet completed their undergraduate degree. A second preference will be given to first time, non-traditional students, age 24 and older, who are Waldo County residents. In the event that are no qualified applicants from Waldo County, the scholarship may be awarded to other Hutchinson Center students.


The University of Maine System offers scholarship resources for students taking courses through any University campus or center.  Those opportunities are available here:  http://www.maine.edu/admissions-aid/scholarships/

Maine Community Foundation scholarships provide financial assistance for Maine residents attending accredited colleges, universities, or technical schools. The funds also support students attending private high schools, camps, and experiential learning programs.  Applications and more information can be found at: https://www.mainecf.org/find-a-scholarship/available-scholarships/